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Chiropractic Livonia MI Allergies Cause and Effect

Your Allergies: Cause & Effect in Livonia

Your Allergies: Cause & Effect in Livonia I think we can all agree that while they often go hand in hand, flies do not create nor cause garbage. Rather, the presence of garbage is an attractive environment for flies. If we simply get rid of the flies and leave the garbage, what inevitably happens? The…

Chiropractic Livonia MI Allergy Medication Side Effects

Allergy Meds and the Side Effects in Livonia

ALLERGY MEDS AND THE SIDE EFFECTS in Livonia While medications used to treat the symptoms of seasonal allergies may be effective, they can also have very serious side effects. Spring can represent many things depending on who you talk to. It can signify the end of winter, light, rebirth, or even just longer warmer sunny…

Chiropractic Livonia MI Germs Sick

Germs: Do They Really Make Us Sick in Livonia

Germs: Do they really make us sick in Livonia? Currently, the average person in the U.S. gets 5 colds per year. Respiratory infections and allergies constitute approximately 80% of visits to the doctor. If germs cause colds then why do some people in a family household get sick while the others don’t even though they…