Your Allergies: Cause & Effect in Livonia

Your Allergies: Cause & Effect in Livonia

Chiropractic Livonia MI Allergies Cause and Effect

An often overlooked factor is the role the nervous system plays in proper immune system functions.

I think we can all agree that while they often go hand in hand, flies do not create nor cause garbage. Rather, the presence of garbage is an attractive environment for flies. If we simply get rid of the flies and leave the garbage, what inevitably happens? The flies, of course, return.

We can use this same logic to take a look at the interactions between foreign substances, allergies, and immunity. In the same way that flies do not cause garbage, foreign substances do not necessarily cause allergies. We are exposed to a host of foreign substances like bacteria, allergens, and viruses daily. Some of these bacteria, like the ones that line our gut, are even beneficial to the body. When the immune system is operating at a high level, the body is able to handle and keep the balance of foreign substances in check. It is not the exposure to foreign substances, but rather a weakened immune system that provides a suitable environment for them to flourish and cause problems like allergies in Livonia.

Chiropractic Adjustments restore proper function in Livonia

The father of the modern germ theory Louis Pasteur even came to this realization on his deathbed stating “Bernard was correct. I was wrong. The microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain is everything.” By terrain, Pasteur was referring to the environment of the body. So what can we do to “remove the garbage” so to speak and strengthen our body’s environment and immunity and decrease allergies? There are several factors related to improving the health and immunity in all people. Many have heard of the importance of a healthy diet, exercise and sleep. An often overlooked factor is the role the nervous system plays in proper immune system functions.

The nervous system (known as the body’s master control system) controls and coordinates every activity and function that occurs in the body, including those related to immunity. Slight spinal misalignments, known as vertebral subluxation, often occur with no signs and symptoms. These subluxations cause tension and interference to the nervous system, which causes the body to work at less than its’ full potential. The chiropractic adjustment reduces and removes this interference to restore proper function and allows the entire body to perform at a higher level. Start boosting your immunity and decreasing allergies with regular Chiropractic care.


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