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Chiropractic Livonia MI Nutrition Repsonse Testing

Nutrition Response TestingTM (NRT) in Livonia is a holistic and non-invasive way to discover underlying illness within the body and develop a treatment plan. There is two parts of the practice -- the analysis, and the personalized health improvement program. It is based on the study of how different "pressure points" on the body's surface relate to the flow of energy from each of the body's organs. An interrupted flow of energy may indicate distress or disease.

How Is This Nutrition Test in Livonia Performed?

During this unique type of nutrition test, you will lie on your back in a calming environment. A qualified practitioner will test your body's neurological reflexes by touching certain acupressure points on your body with one hand while simultaneously testing the muscle reflex, usually on the arm, with the other hand. If the muscles are weak when touching a certain point relating to a part of the body, say the liver for example, this means that your liver may be distressed and needs nutritional support.

Individualized Treatment Plan

Once the practitioner determines where the body's greatest areas of weakness are according to the above test, an individualized nutritional plan is created to help strengthen those weak areas. Patients begin taking a completely customized regimen of high-quality nutritional supplements and when the recommended program is followed as closely as possible, normal function within the body will be restored.

What Are the Benefits of Nutrition Response Testing?

Unlike traditional medical practitioners who prescribe medications that treat a patient's symptoms, NRT is designed to discover the root cause of the patient's ailments and provide the body the nutritional support it needs to begin healing itself. NRT has been developed over the course of many decades by multiple different types of health practitioners and has been tested and proven effective on tens of thousands of patients.

Find Nutrition Response Testing Practitioners

At Correct Care Family Chiropractic, our goal is for you to be healthy and well through the use of all-natural and non-invasive methods of whole body care. NRT is an important part of this. Our chiropractors will perform your NRT analysis and prescribe nutritional supplements from high-quality brands such as Standard Process, MediHerb, Biotics, Energetix, and HVS. You'll work closely with our chiropractors and staff during your nutrition regimen to ensure that you are getting the appropriate amount of nutrition for maximum efficacy. The testing phase of NRT may be repeated throughout the program to assess your progress.


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