Chiropractic Testimonials

"Before coming to Correct Care, my cycles were off. I was going 8-12 weeks with no cycle. After just 2 adjustments, I got my cycle and was feeling great."

- Emma R.

"Chiropractic keeps me young, healthy, in shape, and free of muscle tension. I would recommend chiropractic to keep in shape and stop little problems before they become really big!"

- Pat S.

"My M.D. used to give me pain pills, but the pain returned every four hours. Chiropractic has helped everything! My appetite, walking, and breathing are all better."

- Chuck B.

"Before beginning the Nutrition Response Testing program, I was miserable. Tired all the time, no energy, no desire to do anything - crafts, gardening, grocery shopping. I had poor eating habits and lots of carb and sugar cravings. Menopause hot flashes were terrible. Nights sweats, insomnia was constant. Irritated all the time, no concentration, fussy head, forgetful. Since being on the program, I have more energy. I'm back to being out and about. Working outside, organized at work, less fussy head. Sleeping great. No carb or afternoon candy cravings. NO HOT FLASHES OR INSOMNIA!!!"

- Connie G.


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